[NOTICE] 아톰뮤직하트 1집 텀블벅 펀딩 / AMH 1st Album Pre-Sale

2021-09-10 18:00

아톰뮤직하트 1집 텀블벅 펀딩 / AMH 1st Album Pre-Sale

밴드 #아톰뮤직하트 의 1집 정규앨범과 단독공연을 위한 #텀블벅 프로젝트가 진행중입니다.

아래 링크에서 여러 리워즈 옵션들을 선택하여 밴드의 앨범 발매를 후원하실 수 있으니 많은 참여와 응원 부탁드립니다.


✅텀블벅 후원하고

🍎리워즈도 받고

🤘영혼의 로큰롤러가 되자

Atom Music Heart’s 1st studio album is nearly completed. There’s a crowd funding for successful release, but unfortunately this funding platform does not support services (language, payment and etc.) outside Korea.

SO, the band decided to do a PRE-SALE via Google Docs form. Because this is service is going to be processed without any aid from 3rd party (packaging and delivery),

we can only process inventories up to 30 orders for now.

If you would like to purchase Atom Music Heart’s upcoming CDs and goods please go to the following link

and fill out information.

Again, we can only take 30 ORDERS and these orders will be processed and delivered in November-December.

✅ AMH 1st CD Pre-Orders
✅ Go to the Google Docs link
🍎 Choose your option

✅ Fill out personal info for delivery
✅ Wait for an Email
✅ Check the total price including the shipping cost
✅ Make the payment in Paypal

🤘 Receive AMH 1st album and goods!